Advisory Service on Polish Corporate Law

The need to tackle questions of corporate law will accompany you as an investor from the formation of your company throughout the entire life cycle of your company until the moment of liquidation.

Our attorneys and lawyers can advise and represent you in the following areas:

  • company formation including dealing with all formalities before Polish authorities (both corporations and partnerships),
  • amendment of articles of association,
  • increase and/or reduction of share capital,
  • preparation of shareholders‘ meetings and annual general meetings,
  • representation and support during shareholders‘ meetings and general meetings,
  • challenging of shareholders‘ resolutions,
  • employment contracts for managing directors,
  • preparation of rules of procedure for the management board and the supervisory board,
  • appointment and dismissal of managing directors and supervisory board members,
  • advisory services in connection with shareholders‘ exclusion,
  • counsel and representation in disputes between shareholders,
  • counsel and representation in disputes between managing directors,
  • counsel and representation in issues of board members‘ liability,
  • counsel and assistance on the acquisition of limited company shares (company purchase),
  • counsel and assistance on the disposal of limited company shares,
  • liquidation of companies.

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