Consultation on Polish Law at an Affordable Remuneration!

We go to new lengths to remunerate legal services. You have the choice: either consulting at our usual hourly rates or opt in our consulting packages.

General Legal Advice

This law firm offers a range of consulting packages that allow a detailed billing of tasks entrusted in general legal advice at competitive hourly rates and thus at a fair price-performance ratio.

General legal advice in this context means advisory services, in particular in Polish business law, labour law, and in Polish public procurement law (without representation before Polish courts or authorities).

Each consulting package contains a certain number of hours that you can assert within one quarterly period (three months) for general legal advice.

You could currently select between five consulting packages that give you 10 hours (package Q 10), 20 hours (package Q 20), 30 hours (package Q 30), 40 hours (package Q 40) or 50 hours (package Q 50) of legal advice per quarterly period. You can decide according to your need for advice, in what month of the quarter you want to use up that number of hours for our consulting services.

Each consulting package provides billing at its own, affordable hourly rate. The principle applies: the more hours are included in each package of consulting services, the less the hourly rate in the respective package provided. So we can offer you billing our services in the consulting packages Q 40 and Q 50 at the most attractive hourly rates.

Furthermore, our consulting packages include great discounts on our fees for litigation and protection of your interests before Polish authorities. Same principle: the more hours contained in each consulting package, the greater the discount that we can provide.

You can reduce your cost of legal advice in Poland to a considerable degree when using our consulting packages.

This is particularly true about the billing of our services during permanent legal advice due to the consulting packages Q 30, Q 40 or Q 50. However, appointing this law firm with individual, definable mandates due to the consulting packages Q 10 or Q 20 pays off.

We can offer affordable lump sums for certain consulting services in general legal advice.

Included are the establishment and transformation of companies of Polish commercial law as well as address research at the responsible office of the Polish Ministry of the Interior.

Legal Representation

To bill our services especially in out-of-court and in-court debt collection, defence against out-of-court or in-court asserted claims or filing of claims in insolvency proceedings of your Polish debtor, we apply our remuneration schedule.

The consequence to you is that you will have better clarity about lawyer’s fees from the beginning for the litigation at Polish courts or for proceedings against Polish authorities (including tax authorities, social insurance institute).

Consultation in Polish Law of Inheritance

Our consulting services in the field of Polish law of inheritance are addressed to you as an individual.

As an heir, you want to avail yourself of lawyer’s services at an absolutely competitive price-performance ratio. We provide a special offer for consultation about Polish law of inheritance.

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