Advisory service for Collection of debts and Legal Representation in Poland

Our law firm has a litigation department which will support you with English speaking German and Polish attorneys, with years of court experience, e.g. before the Supreme Court in Warsaw. We conduct your lawsuit before courts in both Warsaw and nationwide in Poland in Polish and inform you at anytime in English about the status of your lawsuit against your Polish debtor.

As a principle, you are compelled to be represented by an attorney in Poland only before the Supreme Court (Sąd Najwyższy). However, legal representation is recommended in any proceedings before a Polish court, as the court language is Polish and Polish courts apply the Polish procedural law.

Our attorneys and lawyers can advise and represent you in the following areas:

  • collection of debts in Poland – out-of-court enforcement of claims (including the preparation of out-of-court payment requests, out-of-court negotiations with the debtor, drafting of out-of-court settlement agreements),
  • legal representation in all Polish courts,
  • taking measures of interruption of the statutory period of limitation,
  • representation in proceedings concerning the recognition of a foreign judgement,
  • representation in proceedings concerning European enforcement order and European payment order,
  • representation in the process of debt enforcement of Polish judgements
  • representation in insolvency proceedings on the creditor’s side (registering claims in the bankruptcy proceedings, participating in the meeting of creditors, detection process against the liquidator).

Maybe some claims legally determined by a court in Germany, France or Italy (i. e. default judgements) “slumber” at your desk which were not yet transferred to debt enforcement against the Polish debtor in Poland and which you are going to store in the archives? In this respect again, we are happy to share our experience to take the required steps for debt recovery in Poland.

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